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The current Diffraction Glasses (Black, Smiley Faces) Description:

You know diffraction glasses- those amazing accessories that transform your vision into a wild kaleidoscope of color. But have you seen Smiley Face Diffraction Glasses? If not, get ready to re-frame your reality into a smiley face filled wonderland!


Our specially designed diffraction lenses create two perfect smily faces around all points of light. The result is an easily navigated, clearly rendered nighttime world where every light is surrounded by a burst of brilliant smily faces- each the same color as the light source.


The possibilities of visual exploration are endless with 3D smily face diffraction glasses, but here’s a few ideas:

Wear them to concerts or any venue with interactive light displays. Laser shows, music festivals, and raves are already awesome… but these lenses take it to the next level!

Hitting the clubs tonight? Take your smily face diffraction glasses with you! Turn up the love and wear them on the dance floor. Share them and make new friends!

Imagine Holiday lights and fireworks with an extra dimension of rainbow smily faces! You’ll never appreciate your neighbor’s over the top Christmas display more. And our smily face diffraction glasses will only enhance the glitter and glory of New Years Eve.

While we don’t recommend driving with 3D smily face diffraction glasses, riding as a passenger can be lots of fun! Headlights, taillights, blinkers, and street lamps create an ever-shifting landscape of multicolored smily faces.


Our frames are durable- we’ve personally tested them at numerous concerts and festivals. They’re also stylish! Black to match whatever look you’re rocking, with a sleek modern design.

Get your pair of smily face diffraction glasses today and spread the love. Share them with friends old and new- they’re a great ice breaker and conversation starter!

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